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It Was a Bright Winter Day

The lessons of winter have once again come with themes that pretty closely resemble the weather outside of my window. Overall, I’ve learned how else nature or life can humble us, beyond the typical occurrences that one might think of.

We’ve had a sudden and violent winter, with a shortage of things we normally can count on (looking at you, chickens.) Similarly, in my world, my husband had a sudden and violent accident at work, which cost him a finger and seriously injured his hand (for those wondering, he is still healing but has come a long way). This has led to a shortage of income while he’s been out of work.

Amongst these things, however, the Divine Sovereign has provided community, direction, and clarity. When I got the call about the accident, our tiny community did not hesitate to support us in whatever ways they could. When I was prayerfully wondering how I would provide aspects of support for my clients, my birth practice, or my community at large — literally out of nowhere — I was contacted by several different practitioners and new friends who systematically filled each gap I was seeking to bridge. Now I will be able to bring forth new offerings, will have support for myself so that I can work sustainably, and I see on the horizon opportunities and gatherings that will strengthen my local community altogether.

I am in awe. Even now, I am still struggling for words because all that comes to mind is, “This is Divine provision.” I couldn’t claim responsibility for this series of events even if I tried. It feels like I’ve been led on a clear winter day to a meadow with a fresh blanket of snow. I can’t see under the surface, but I know there is abundance nearly ready to emerge. Everything around me is bright and clear. Adonai is providing.

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