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Image by Elizabeth Dunne
Donor Coalition

Clean breast milk, driven by community.


Raw, unpasteurized


Whole-foods fueled


mRNA injection-free


Lovingly supplied

How it works:

For those in need of donor milk:

  1. Submit a donation request.

  2. Briefly wait while we organize delivery.

  3. Receive donor milk as often as it's needed!

For those offering their breast milk:

  1. Submit a donor application.

  2. Await approval.

  3. Join the coalition and help support our sisters (and their babies) in need!

Our community deserves better.

With mRNA injections and poor nutrition leaving banked breast milk tainted and weak, it's time to offer a clean option for our health-minded community. Milkwagon connects families in need with raw, mRNA injection-free donor breast milk. Additionally, our donors are active participants in the donation process, making the entire exchange a community experience.

Hitch yourself to the Milkwagon and enjoy the ride.

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