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A Vision for Revillaging

This newsletter is a bit different in that it is purely a prayer request and a way for me to share a vision I have for my local community (and hopefully will also inspire you to create within your own local communities).

Please join with me in envisioning and praying for the following~


Monthly women’s gatherings on every new moon (Rosh Chodesh) where we can all enjoy DIY spa treatments. This will be in a welcoming, aromatic, private space — I’m thinking a large canvas tent with a wood burning stove for the winters (these do exist). These gatherings will not only be for self-care and socializing, but during these gatherings I hope to lead a discussion, teach, or bring teachers in who can offer a brief class on a topic relevant to womanhood and life. We will enjoy snacks, drinks, alongside it all. Ideally, all of this will be free and open to every woman as young as girls who have experienced their first blood.

Topics and teachings will be things like our hormonal cycles, physiological pregnancy, postpartum healing, basics of cooking and nutrition, herbal first aid, DIY home care, self-care/grounding practices, and really anything and everything life brings to us. We will even craft, together, some of these items during the gatherings, as people feel so inclined.


People don’t seem to know how to create communities anymore, let alone glean the wisdom that comes from multi-generational living. I certainly was one. After trial and error and many, many hours wondering what the hell was wrong with me, I realized this point: We women are often thrown to the sharks without any tools to navigate those dangerous waters. So I’m proposing this method to re-villaging; to create the space for women to connect and for life to be explored together. And a little less poetically— for women to also be given the opportunity to take care of ourselves (screw the word “pamper”, as though basic home healthcare is superfluous).


Prayer, donations, and collecting over time. I do not have a money tree, nor am I anywhere near being independently wealthy. What I do have is Divine provision, however that will be presented.

A lesson I’ve learned is that people cannot provide for a need they are unaware of. So, herein lies the greater point of this letter. I am making this need known and opening up to the opportunity for provision, whether it be through monetary donation, skill sharing, gifts of physical items for this space, or simply joining in on prayer for these gatherings.

Are any of these needs something you can meet?

Whatever your role in this will be, I appreciate you walking with me on this journey. May HaShem (“the Name”) bless our travels together.

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