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Wise Seasons Lifestyle Course

  • 7Weeks
  • 28Steps


Stop the work-life cycle of burnout and exhaustion. Learn how to THRIVE through a lifestyle that reflects the wisdom and sustainability of the Seasons. Wise Seasons Lifestyle Course will guide you through each seasonal cycle found in nature, teaching a realistic, practical method for living a balanced and fulfilling life. In this program, you'll find: > Wise Seasons Course Workbook (digital) > Video presentations, downloadable templates, and example sheets to guide you along your seasonal planning > Journaling exercises for exploratory self-reflection > 16 Guided Meditations to jump-start your Seasonal self-care practice > 28 Seasonal Recipes for culinary inspiration > 60% off a 1:1 Seasonal Conversation session with me > And more! If you're tired of living in the constant grind, this course is for you. Join me and start living a more vibrant, seasonal life today! Not interested in a full course experience? Consider downloading the Wise Seasons Workbook separately, available on the Treasures page. _______________________________ Minimum donation: $104



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