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Birth Rhythms: the birth course for real life

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Most birth courses do nothing to prepare you for real life, forcing you and your partner to stumble through your birth and beyond. Birth Rhythms offers practical guidance and the honest truth about pregnancy, birth, parenthood, and partnership to help you flow with your new family rhythm. This course guides you through the physiology of pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum time, and prepares you for the deep emotional challenges of early parenthood and partnership, including man-to-man lessons featuring my husband. Module 1 ~ Spring Anatomy of Gestation & Placentation Pregnancy Nutrition The Partner’s Role & Activating Fatherhood Taking Responsibility & Finding Practitioners Mindfulness Practices Miscarriage & Loss Module 2 ~ Summer Movement & Self-Care Screens, Tests, & Teratogens Variations of Normal Connecting with Baby & Intuition Module 3 ~ Autumn Labor & Birth Physiology The Cervix, the Passenger, & the Placenta Birth Supply Prep Clearing Fears & the Birth Rite Module 4 ~ Winter Postpartum Nutrition Lifestyle & Support Breastfeeding & Baby Postpartum Supplies This course includes: Video and audio lessons for each section Real life scenarios to better integration Downloadable guides and goodies By the end of this course, you will… …learn the physiology of pregnancy, start healthy habits, and take responsibility as a parent and partner. …understand common tests/screens, “high risk” pregnancies, and establish intuitive and spiritual connection. …explore the physiology of birth, review birth supplies, and secure the mental and spiritual fortitude for your inevitable transformation. …outline a supportive lifestyle for optimum healing and uncover the logistics of new parenthood. Find your new family rhythm. Get the course. ____________________________ Minimum donation: $103 [Tehillim 63 + Mem (40; water)]



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