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What your birth support can look like:


Holistic Birth Support


Envision your prenatal care...

In the cozy interior of your own home, we sit together to quiet our busy minds and breathe deeply. After a few moments, I invite you to share what's on your heart or mind since last we met. We brainstorm approach and clinical options for keeping track of the patterns of your pregnancy. We pause to listen to your baby's heartbeat before sharing a warm hug and plans to meet again for an easy hike in the woods.

Envision your birth...

Soft light from the candle you received at your Mother Blessing flickers in the corner of your bathtub, gentle music and the relaxing aroma of lavender float around the room. As you sway and breathe through another wave of labor, I silently observe from the far end of the room. With the final bearing down and a great bellow, your newest babe joins us earthside into your partner's ready hands. You ask me to help you birth the placenta when it's time and we place it into a bowl until the cord burning later on. 

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newborn baby montana midwife.jpg

Envision your postpartum...

Snuggled up in your own bed with your naked newborn on your bare chest, you rest as I quietly arrive with a nourishing herbal tea and warm soup. When you're ready, I sit with you to chat about how this new transition is feeling so far and I serve you with a gentle check-in on you and your baby. At the end of our time together, we meet for your Postpartum Closing ceremony to honor the conclusion of one chapter and the beginning of the next.



  • Prenatal support

  • Nutritional guidance

  • Birth education

  • Spiritual mentorship​​

  • Practical preparation

  • Community connection


  • Skilled support

    • as requested​

  • MamaBaby attendance

  • Spiritual encouragement

  • Peaceful presence

  • Birth space guardian


  • MamaBaby check-ins

  • Spiritual mentorship​​

  • Practical nourishment

  • Postpartum Package

    • in-home body work​

    • local love gift basket


  • Mother Blessing

  • Fear Clearing

  • Postpartum Closing​​

Suggested donation: $3,400 (open to alternative donations)


Virtual Support


Envision your childbearing journey...

In one of our many video conversations during your pregnancy, we laugh about something you discovered when reading an educational email that I sent you. The prayerful breathing practices and reassuring scriptures we prepared together help you feel confident about your birth plan. After your babe arrives, you have questions about the variations of normal women may encounter in the early postpartum time and so I share some resources and my experience.

Suggested donation: $1,000 (open to alternative donations)


Miscarriage Support

Envision with me...

You labor in the warmth of your own home while I brew a nourishing herbal tea for you in the kitchen. With another wave of labor, you wrap your arms around my shoulders and I provide balance. Your baby is born, but their soul has remained amongst the heavens. I hold you like a sister as you process this sacred combination of birth and death. Over the next few weeks, I gather the community for meal deliveries and other postpartum support as you continue to grieve your loss. When you feel ready, we meet at the nearby hot springs for your Postpartum Closing ceremony.

No suggested donation: (this is my gift to you)

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