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Working with my Fertility Cycle

For a while now, I’ve been fascinated by this idea of letting the cycles of nature guide my creative flow. If you’ve been reading my articles for a handful of months, you’ll know that this has meant the solar year — as in the four seasons. Only this morning did it click to include my fertility cycle (my own personal lunar cycle) in this creative lifestyle guide.

I know, I know. That concept has actually been buzzing around for years. In my defense, I only just recently started cycling again since having my newest baby, so it hasn’t been in the forefront of my mind regularly.

For a little bit of insight into my world, I have definitely hit the ground running since launching Neshot HaMayim’s new site. I have so many plans, so many things in the works. Along with that is the normal reinvigoration of my environment that comes with spring, unexpected busy-ness, and growing children with growing needs. To say I’ve been perpetually exhausted is only a very slight exaggeration — I do get rest on Saturdays. Needless to say, something’s gotta give because this constant momentum is not sustainable, even for one season.

When pondering the nuances of a fertility cycle (I don’t like saying “menstrual cycle” unless necessary — our cycles are more than just menstruation), it dawned on me: our cycles are like mini-seasons.

We have the infamous menstruation, which is our autumn — the time of shedding. We have the follicular phase before ovulation, our winter — focusing inward toward our roots. The window of ovulation is spring — creative potential, watering/seeding the fertile ground. Post ovulation, the luteal phase is our summer — growth period or processing a lack thereof.

Instantly, when I consider this, I know how to plan accordingly. I’ve already written about what I think these seasons call us to in my articles “Living Autumn” and “From Autumn to Winter”, so if you’re not familiar with my view on that, go read (or listen) to those next.

In light of this new realization, I feel once again that I’ve unlocked another secret to our Divine design. I wonder if this is how women lived in the beginning of earth and time. Like animals, unhindered by social constructs and economic pressures, we were perhaps entirely connected to the Creator and our fellow creatures of nature, instinctually. May we remember how to live like these ancestors, once again.

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