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My Personal Manifesto

For the curious, I felt inspired to share a personal manifesto of some of my founding beliefs. Writing these down ended up being quite a thought-provoking exercise. I think many of us could benefit from such a clarifying process, if for no one else but ourselves.

Without further ado:

I believe in God, the Divine Ruler, as described within the Jewish Bible, the Life-preserving authority of the Torah, and the Divine designs of nature and mysticism.

I believe God is the ultimate and only rightful Authority. No man-made governing body or rule is equal to or above the Divine.

I believe in the founding principles of the United States of America and that the American Constitution is worth defending at all costs.

I believe an armed society remains free and that every individual has a right to defend themselves and the lives of those around them.

I believe everyone is given opportunities to do good or do evil and to choose self-responsibility or victimhood.

I believe we are each sovereign beings, created in the Divine image. God is Just and the final judge of the choices we make in this life.

I believe humans are Divinely appointed stewards of the Earth and are responsible for supporting the health of Creation as a whole.

I believe all people are “mixed-race”, culture is a lifestyle not a possession, and sons are not guilty for the sins of their fathers.

I believe every human is gifted with both feminine and masculine traits. However, women are the guardians of the Divine Feminine and men are the guardians of the Divine Masculine. One is not better than the other; both are vital to the health of society.

I believe the multi-gender and transgender ideologies are detrimental to personal and communal health and ultimately lead to the degradation of the individual and the destruction of humankind.

I believe all children are a Divine gift who have an individual soul and unique calling. No one has the right to end the lives of innocents.

I believe the health, wellbeing, and upbringing of my children are the rightful and Divine responsibility of my husband and myself, and no one else, whatsoever.

I believe birth and death are natural rites of passage. Modern technology can be a useful tool but is never more perfectly designed than nature itself.

I believe the spiritual and physical are interconnected and inseparable. Ritual and ceremony are vital practices for human health.

I believe people working in collaboration toward the common goal of creating Life is the best plan of action for bringing Heaven to Earth. Division only leads to more division.

I believe everything that happens in our lives are experiences from which we can learn and opportunities through which we can connect with the Divine Ruler of the universe.

I believe that words are only as powerful as the weight we give them, that our thoughts are not always worth sharing, but that the Truth is always worth speaking.

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