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Living Autumn

Lately, I’ve been trying to figure out what it means to “live seasonally.” Right now, with it being the beginning of autumn, I’m ready to just generally lay down and die, like some of the plants in the area. Honestly though, I’ve been feeling the shift and the larger Slowing Down.

So far, I’ve been fighting against it. As much as I am tired, as much as I love fall and winter and times of rest, I am just really digging my heels in. I have so many ideas! So many things I want to start working on and get rolling soon. Must I really wait until spring — if I’m really to live according to the cycle of nature?

As I write this, though, I think of flowers going to seed. What happens during autumn anyway? It’s not necessarily everything slowing to a stop, but it’s more of a shedding the excess, preserving the harvest, dropping the seed, planning ahead, preparing in such a way that the hibernation ahead is as restful as possible.

And it’s funny I said this already but nature doesn’t die for winter. It stores its energy in the roots and pauses all production. It lies dormant. It’s quiet and creates little to no friction (cooling). It’s a very big inhale.

What can this mean for me, right now? Well… I guess I should let my seeds lie and not try to bring new ideas to life just yet. I think I may also begin to store the harvests up and slow production — release less videos and music and save these “products” for the season of new growth. Maybe I could prepare to store energy in my roots by planning to study, learn, or research in the upcoming season without the obligation to create an outward flow. I’m not sure what the “excess” would be, this time. Perhaps it’s social media or things that feel like they take more energy than necessary right now. (This little exercise is feeling really good. How about for you?)

Here’s a question you might be asking: Why live seasonally at all? For me, it’s about flowing with the cycles our Divine Creator has put into motion for all creation to live by. I think that the closer we get to living within God’s natural designs, we will become healthier, our purposes will be clearer, and we will be more spiritually fulfilled.

I see this suggested in Biblical scriptures all over the place. Celebrating each new moon as the beginning of the month (1 Chronicles 23:31; Psalm 81:4; Numbers 10:10), knowing the head of the calendar year because of the “aviv,” “greenness” - AKA spring. (Exodus 12:2), and other such references.

It feels like an experiment for me right now. Maybe it won’t turn out to be as amazing of a concept as I am currently thinking it is. But if this lifestyle shift proves as fruitful (badum-tss!) as nature itself, then I am opening myself up to a powerful, humbling, awe-inspiring, perpetual, abundant blessing.

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