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Blazing Trails or Blazing Trails

In preparation for the very first email of the weekly newsletter, I pondered the significance of such an email. "First impressions matter" and all that. But the more I tried to find the best possible beginning, the more my anxiety monster pounded on the closet door.

"What if it's the worst possible email and everyone hates me halfway through reading it??" "What if I sound like a complete moron?" "Why would anyone want to know anything I have to say in the first place?"

The thing is, I have no idea what I'm doing! It's no secret - I've said many times THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS but do I listen to myself? No. Of course not. And this is where a very special conversation comes to mind. God (Hashem) says to the young prophet Jeremiah, "Don't be dismayed by them or I will dismay you before them." (Jer. 1:17) He then goes on to remind Jeremiah that he was made for this path and not to fear "for I am with you".

You'd think I'd remember these lessons since I literally have references to this conversation tattooed on my body. Which was not accidental. It was exactly for this reason. (Again, do I listen to myself? No! I'm working on it!)

Blazing trails (as in trail-blazing/cutting a new path) or blazing trails (as in everything's on fire). Which one do I choose?

So I want to share some confidence mantras that are a little less specific to me (though enjoy Jeremiah if you so please):

  • "Blessed are You (God)...Who prepares man's footsteps. ...Who provides my every need." ~ this comes from traditional Jewish prayers recited in the morning.

  • "The path of the righteous is like radiant sunlight ever brightening until noon... Let your eyes look forward, your gaze be straight ahead. Survey the course you take, and all your ways will prosper." ~ Proverbs 4:18, 25-26

  • "Everything will fall as it will." ~ me (or someone else a while ago and now my brain thinks I made it up)

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